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Do you have this item?

If so, could you please return it to the caterer?  All of the glass vases were up for grabs, but there were two metal ones that belonged to the caterer.  Email  me at a l i s o n c h i l l a  @ y a h o o . c o m for the information.  Thanks!

The flowerpot looks like this, minus the decopage.

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We Have Returned (from the Bahamas)

Sometime around sunset last night our return trip from the Bahamas landed at Dulles International. We had a most relaxing honeymoon. It was nice to unwind on the beach after the weeks and months of preparation for the wedding. I can recommend the cottage we rented to anyone without hesitation. You can find the link posted on the left along with all the other awesome vendors we had. We have some photos we’ll post from the honeymoon spot in the coming days. A week spent walking on the beach, reading and swimming in the Caribbean was just what the doctor ordered. While you wait for us to post some pics from the Bahamas you can peruse the photos Kristina took at the wedding and was kind enough to post on Flickr.

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I just wanted to do a quick post while I had a few minutes. Thank you all for coming to the ceremony reception and celebrating the day with us. For the impatient among you Jenn Link has already posted one photo from the wedding on her blog and promises more. You can find the link to her site on the left. Alison says hi. She also mentions we are getting warmer.

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The Final Countdown

… will not be on our wedding reception playlist.   I can tell you this because we are 99.9% through creating it and gathering the music onto a playback device.  We’ve got music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and the dance portion of the evening. The audio equipment and mike have been rented.  The dress is ready.  The tuxes are on order.

We’re spending Easter eating Reeses peanut butter eggs and tying off loose ends, such as writing a blog post with an update of all we’ve been up to lately.

For those of you staying at the Marriott, there will be a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding and reception (and back again, of course).  The shuttle leaves at approximately 5:30, and will make a second trip if needed.

We’re so excited to be seeing you all in a few days.  There’s not much better than enjoying good food and music with your favorite people!

Want to know what’s on the menu?  Here it is!  Vegetarian items marked with a (V)

Hors d’oeuvre
Warm brie on brioche with cherries in syrup (V)
Golden Thai purses with Asian spicy sweet sauce
Azafrán crab cakes (Latin style)
Asparagus with orange butter and zest (V)

Pre-served organic green salad with flowers and champagne vinaigrette (V)

Main course
Peppered fillet of beef with cognac mustard cream
Fish with mojo habanero

accompanied by

Basmati and wild rice with dried cranberries (V)
Sauteed spinach with currants (V)
Spring delicate baby carrots with honey and tarragon (V)
Spanakopita for vegetarians (V)

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