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Red Bridesmaid Dress Possibilities

Isaac Mizrahi Dress in Bing Cherry

Isaac Mizrahi Cranberry Dress

JCrew silk tricotine Sophia short dress in Bright Rhubarb or Vintage Burgundy

JCrew silk tricotine Sophia short dress in Bright Rhubarb or Vintage Burgundy

Gap Dress in Cinnabar Red

Gap Dress in Cinnabar Red

Ann Taylor dress in Crimson

Ann Taylor dress in Crimson

London Times Empire-Waist Dress With Bow in Rouge

London Times Empire-Waist Dress With Bow in Rouge

Suzi Chin Silk Chiffon Empire-Waist Dress in Tomato

Suzi Chin Silk Chiffon Empire-Waist Dress in Tomato

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Ceremony Information

  • When:
    Saturday, April 18th, 2009. 6:00PM
  • Where:
    American Visionary Art Museum
    800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230

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    The American Visionary Art Museum is located on a historic site in the Inner Harbor at the base of Federal Hill.

    From Washington DC and Points South
    Follow I-95 north to exit 55/Key Highway. At the bottom of the ramp, make a left onto Key Highway. The museum is 1.5 miles ahead on the corner of Key Highway and Covington Street. (Across the street from the Rusty Scupper restaurant). Turn left on Covington (you make almost a U-turn around a median in order to make the turn) for metered parking.

  • Hotel Information:
    TBD — room block to come
  • Registry:

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We Have a Photog

Man, I really don’t like “photog.” It almost made me angry to write it twice. After looking at tens of websites, talking to a few photographers and interviewing a couple of them, we decided on one. We met with Jenn Link at the beginning of last week. We got along well, were impressed with her portfolio and liked her finished product. So after reviewing the contract and some minor amending we signed on the dotted line and sent it and the check off on Friday. Another box checked.

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Location, Location, Location…

Alison and I got engaged back in the middle of March. Immediately after we started telling people we were engaged there were a million questions. Not a million different questions, mind you. Just the same handful of questions repeated by everyone we talked to. “When is it?” “Where’s it going to be?” “Who’s going to be in it?” You get the idea. Obviously back in March we didn’t really have answers to any of these questions.

We initially talked about trying to have the ceremony before the end of 2008, but we were already planning a trip to Burning Man. And given the level of effort involved in planning and preparing for Burning Man, we knew we weren’t going to have a lot of time for any sort of planning between March and September. That meant 2008 was right out. We still really wanted to lock-in the site and, by extension, the date. So we decided that we’d aim for spring 2009 and hopefully find a place for the event before we got too deep in Burning Man prep.

We decided the trying to plan a wedding hundreds of miles from our home was a no-go. So we weighed the options and decided we wanted to have the wedding in Baltimore. I have some family in Baltimore. And for the travelers, it’s an easy flight from NH for Alison’s family, isn’t too far from my parents in DE and is a relatively short drive for the rest of my family in NJ. Alison did some research about the “good” places in the Baltimore area for wedding receptions and for a couple of weekends we drove up to Baltimore to investigate locations. We saw some bad places, “It smells like cigarettes and broken dreams.” We saw some mediocre places. We saw a few nice places some of which were even in our price range.

But after walking around AVAM for an afternoon we were sold. Yeah, it was a little different, but it wasn’t a dark, low-ceilinged hotel banquet hall which was one of our primary criteria. AVAM had a handful of dates open for the spring and two spaces to rent; one that was an open-air space capable of seating about 125 and one that was large indoor hall capable of seating roughly 200. After looking at the potential guest list, examing our budget, dodging spring holidays, and researching the average temperatures and rainfall for the spring in Baltimore we decided on the open-air space on the evening of April 18th. Our guests will have access to walk around the museum and look at the exhibits. And while the evenings in April might be a bit chilly everyone will be in formal attire and the space does have heaters. So, if we can avoid the April showers, everything should be groovy.

This is a long-winded way of saying, “We can finally start answering some questions.” Woohoo!

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We’re Live!

So after several discussions and much thought we decided on this less-than-creative but totally appropriate URL.  This weekend I went through and registered the domain, took care of the requisite DNS configuration, web server configuration and here you are. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be using this site to keep folks up to date on our plans and how things are shaping up.

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